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What It Means to Be a CrossFit (er)

We Squat

When I’m in a conversation and I mention I run Eden Baltimore and Charm City CrossFit both CrossFit gyms, typically the next question is “what exactly is CrossFit?” or “What does it mean to be a CrossFit (er)?”  So I thought it might be a good idea to write about what it means to be a CrossFitter.

CrossFit is a community, it’s a group of like minded people from different lifestyles that come together for a common goal which is to be healthy and support what they already do in their daily lives.  We have fun, we laugh, we celebrate wins, we jump, lift heavy things, and of course burpees.  We’re a welcoming group. I’ve travelled all over the world and have always found a gym to drop in at where the community has treated me like a friend.  We support each other no matter what.  If you’ve ever taken a class you’ve probably seen people cheering on others and pushing them to do their best.  I’ve seen some of the best friendships, relationships, and even marriages start in the gym.  I can name several from my home gym in Baltimore just over the last year.  

From an outside perspective some people may think CrossFit look’s like a bunch of fitness freaks using acronyms like WOD, AMRAP, or EMOM (which we do use to describe workouts oftens) but I promise it’s probably not what you’ve seen on TV or YouTube.  CrossFitters are in constant pursuit of improving themselves through fitness, and supporting others along the way.  That is how I can define what a CrossFitter is.

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