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What is the Most Important Decision You Can Make at Any Given Moment

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Probably the most important decision at any given point in your life is choosing the environment you put yourself in.  The inputs of your environment will shape and mold your life, your actions, and your beliefs.  The author Jim Rohn wrote that “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.  We believe this to be true and your environment is molded by those people.

Let’s take a loot at a few different environments.  You could spend a fraction of your free time going to the gym, lifting weights, jumping, strengthening your muscles, all with like minded friends in an environment like a CrossFit gym.  Take a moment and think about the way you feel after that workout.  How do you feel the day after?  How does this affect your daily life?

What if you’re not into groups?  Let’s look at another scenario, maybe you go for a two run through the Baltimore Inner Harbor.  You spend between 20-30 minutes of your day pushing your lungs and your legs.  How do you feel afterwards?  Maybe tired, maybe accomplished, maybe ready for more.

Finally let’s look at a third situation.  Let’s say you head over an old friends house.  You get there and crack a beer together then you plop onto their couch and watch a few hours of mindless TV and talk about all the things you could be doing.  Your friend starts to complain about their job and you chime in with the stress your boss has been giving you.

Which of those three scenarios feeds the intrinsic needs of your body and soul?  How do you feel after sitting on your friends couch for hours?  How do you feel after sweating and pushing yourself in a workout?  Which of those three environments helped you grow the most?

In a nutshell our environment influences our actions and our actions dictate our lives.  If you want to grow professionally, socially, and emotionally you need to surround yourself with people and an environment that supports that growth.

At Eden Baltimore our community has seen people overcome obstacles, break through plateaus, and forge new relationships.  All while empowering each other to push through to the best versions of themselves.  Our goal has always been to build a environment that we want to call home and one that not only helps our clients grow but empowers them to help other grow.

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