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Is Your Gym Setting You Up for Success?

There are many things I’ve learned over the years of working in the fitness industry. One of the harder truths is that most “gyms” don’t want you to succeed.  It’s not in their best interest for you to achieve your fitness goals.

I’ve worked in a few traditional style gyms in Baltimore, MD and the surrounding area or as I like to call them “globo gyms”, performing roles such as front desk associate, personal trainer, training manager, and program director.  So it’s safe to say I know that business model inside and out.  The standard globo gym model is to sign up as many members at a moderate or discounted membership rate and then hope that 95% of them never actually use the gym.  It is a sad and hard truth that a facility designed to expand our health profits from us wasting that money by not utilizing the services.  The last globo gym I worked at before opening my first studio had over 5000 members.  If all 5000 of them showed up 3-4 times per week then the club would be at maximum capacity at all times with a line out the door.  

One of the things I love about CrossFit and other small group training styles is that our business model is built upon delivering results.  At both of my gyms aim for about 150 members.  The 150 member mark is our sweet spot in terms of building a strong community where people build friendships and form bonds but also small enough of a group that we can still deliver the personalized approach to coaching that delivers the best results.  Does a CrossFit membership cost more than a planet fitness membership? Yes it does.  Will the average crossfit athlete/member see better results and growth on their fitness journey?  Absolutely.  

The difference is CrossFit delivers coaching, programming, accountability, friendship, and much more.  Most of the services provided in CrossFit are the same that are delivered through personal training but since they are delivered in a small group setting it costs a fraction of the price as a 1 on 1 personal trainer.  

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